• 뉴욕 시립 대학교 Queens College, Jazz Studies 석사
  • 서울대학교 영어교육과 학사
  • 해군 군악대 전역
  • 동아방송예술대, 대구예대, 백석대, 백석예대 출강


  • 2019년 3월 Consolation, Live at the Veloso 라이브앨범/2집 발매
  • 2017년 1월, 김준범 정규앨범 Human Emotions 발매
  • 2016년 “Best Soloist” Award, the 8 th Jarasum International Jazz Concours


  • 2019년 4월, 박소영 X 김준범, [Sing the Spring]  EP 앨범 발매
  • 2018년 태화강 재즈페스티벌, 김준범 트리오 +2
  • 김준범 쿼텟-강릉재즈프레소 페스티벌, 대구국제재즈축제, 2017년 자라섬재즈페스티벌
  • 2017년 라디오 eFM TBS, Koreascape  김준범 쿼텟 인터뷰/앨범
  • The Bar Next Door, The Cutting Room, Rockwood Music Hall, Le Poisson Rounge, Bergen & Pac, Cleopatra’s Needle, Terraza 7 등 뉴욕 클럽 연주
  • A jam session host at The Cleopatra’s Needle, 잼세션 호스트 (Nathan Brown Trio)
  • Carnegie Hall, “Lyrics in Korean History”
  • Paul Bollenback, Peter Mazza, Richard Boukas 사사
  • Antonio Hart와 협연, (Emmanel Baptist Church)
  • WBGO(88.3 FM), Queens College International Ensemble  (Featuring 자작곡 “I Wish”)
  • New York City College Music Festival
  • 2010 해군 순항훈련 연주 참여(LA, Vancouver 외 8개 도시 순회 연주)
  • 밴드 GDF, The Beginning 앨범 참여
  • Club Concerts at 에반스, 클럽 팜, 올댓재즈 외



          Guitarist, Junbeom Kim was born in South Korea and he is now living and playing there after having come back from NY, (July, 2016), where he received his master’s degree from City University of NY, Queens College.

           He started playing music by studying classical piano at the age of 5, and when he entered middle school, he became interested in the electric guitar. When he first saw his classmate’s electric guitar in school, he couldn’t keep his eyes off from it because it looked so beautiful. He started playing guitar from then on. At that time, he loved rock music and played lots of songs by famous rock groups such as Queen, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Mr. Big, and others.

           It was when he went to Seoul Jazz Academy (SJA) that he fell in love with jazz music. While his interest in jazz music increased, he decided to become a professional musician. In SJA he studied with one of the most famous guitarist in Korea, Charlie Jung. Because Charlie is a master of not only jazz but also blues, funk, etc, Junbeom studied a variety of musical genres. Junbeom continued to study with Charlie Jung after his departure from SJA.

            He became a member of the navy band and served for 2 years in the Korean military. Entering any military band in Korea is highly competitive and sought after by all musicians. During his military service, he experienced a lot of things. He toured with the band to a lot of cities such as LA, Hawaii, Vancouver, Sydney and others. He also played in F-1 Grandprix which was held in Korea, in Oct, 2010.

           After he was discharged from military service, he played as a member of a vibraphone jazz quintet G.D.F in the Korean jazz scene. The group released their EP album, 3 songs of which were composed by Junbeom. At that time he played in Korea’s most famous jazz clubs including Palm, Evans, and All that Jazz.

           Meanwhile, he graduated from Seoul National University. Because he was deeply Immersed in jazz music, he decided to go to New York City for further study. While studying in Queens College, he studied privately under the great Paul Bollenback. He also studied with other contemporary jazz greats such as Richard Boukas, Antonio Hart, David Berkman, Jebb Patton, Tim Armacost, and Michael Mossman.

          While studying at Queens College, he performed at many venues. He was featured on jazz radio, WBGO where he played 4 tunes including his original ‘I Wish.’ The same group also performed in the City College Music Festival. In addition, he has played at many of NYC’s most notable venues like Rockwood Music Hall, Le Poisson Rounge (LPR) and the Bar Next Door. The most meaningful performances were two shows played with Antonio Hart at Emmanuel Baptist Church and at United Methodist Church.

           After he came back to Korea, he got “BEST SOLOIST” award in Jarasum International Jazz Councour, the biggest jazz competition and festival held in Korea, and he released his 1st album, [Human Emotions] and is playing and sharing stages with the most renowned musicians.